Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm back---sort of

I just marched through Gateway hell week and did a couple cool little races down in Ark and I have a few things to say about them, but I have been incommunicato--and I'm not sure if that's the right spelling of that word, because, no shit, I'm writing this from my new laptop while I sit in a freakin' coffee shop. I'm smack in the middle of a yuppie scene if ever there was one and, really, I don't dig it too much.

It was okay until a couple of assholes came in with a camera and started filming some kind of interview about Iraq. The worst part is most of the folks in here seem to be digging this shit. And some chick is talking freakin' Chinese behind me at like about a hundred miles an hour--pretty fuckin' loud, too.

See, I left my job a couple weeks ago and now I'm doing everything from this laptop, which is all new to me and will take me a while to get up to speed on.

I'd like to write more, but these interview assholes are talking really loud-and-proud and if I stay here much longer I'm gonna find myself in the middle of one of those scenes from Animal House where Belushi smashed that guitar--and a video camera would be really expensive for an unemployed bike bum to have to replace.

So I'll re-cap the racing soon. Later.